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Haselbacher Family in Adrian Michigan in 1870.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

lenawee-county-mapTrying to fill in the gaps of orphan Hasselbacher families, I hope to attract some information about the family of the stonemason John Haselbacher who lived in Adrian, Michigan in 1870. Who can help us find out where he came from?

Oldest Hasselbacher and Hesselbacher Families in Illinois?

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

While rummaging through various data dumps, I found an 1893 landowners plat from Thompson Township, Jo Daviees County IL showing separate farms owned by Adam Hasselbacher and John Hesselbacher. A little more structured digging turned up two earlier families headed by an Adam. Both were originally spelled Hasselbacher, but the spellings later diverged. According to information in an 1855 state census and the 1870 federal census, both these families would have arrived in Illinois before the family of John Peter Hasselbacher who immigrated to Peoria in 1857. Both these families had male heirs and the Hesselbachers lived on their land continuously through at least 1987.

I have not been able to place either of these families in the family trees of Germany or America. I have high hopes that someone will come to our rescue. It has happened before!

26 Jan 2013

Who Is The Rock Collector George Hasselbacher?

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Who knows who the rock collector George Hasselbacher is? For the past few months, a number of specimens collected by George and labeled with his name have been put up for sale on eBay. I contacted the seller, but he knew nothing about George. Surely one of you out there can flesh out the story for us. Contact me privately.

Hasselbachers Left Behind!

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Until a few weeks ago, I thought all the Hasselbachers of Gresten participated the Counter-Reformation Exodus from Austria to the Aischgrund of Mittelfranconia. Of course we always knew that at least one Hasselbacher in the Aischgrund (Valley of the River Aisch) came from villages nearby Gresten, but until this summer it was not possible to attempt any family connections to modern Haselbachers living elsewhere in Austria.

During an additional study of Gresten church books from the 18th century I found at least one Haselbacher who remained in Gresten. His name was Adam and I present his history in the Hasselbacher Family Website.