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I’m still here!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

I apologize if it seems I have abandoned the site. Since last November, I became busy with a local hospital merger controversy and put much time into my Health Policy Blog. None the less, I continued a number of projects and hope to start placing the material on this website.

    • I translated quite a few old church records from Diespeck. Lots more to do. (Surely one of you out there can read the old German and help!
    • I found old records from Burghaslach, a pivotal village in the migration of the Hasselbachers in the Aischgrund.
    • I discovered a Jewish Family Hasselbacher from the German Hasselbacher heartland and the touching story of how they got their name.
    • I discovered new branches of the Hasselbachers from Leutershauesn and Mühlhausen.
    • I worked with a historian from Münchsteinach who has written about the history of the church in that village that sponsors the largest number of Hasselbachers in America.
    • I looked further into the origin and meaning of our name and demonstrated that a possible exception proved the rule.

Give me a few weeks to update all the information. I will notify you in the “What’s New” link on the home page, or in this Blog.

April 4, 2012