Three Baÿerl Brothers in World War I :
The Sons of Leonhard Bayerl, 1852-1930

When I visited Affing in southern Bavaria earlier this year, I found a memorial plaque in the church there.  It was sobering to see the two names with my Grandmother's family name: Johann and Josef. Both died in 1915.  It was not until I got home and was able to review my records that things fell fully into place.

In the sequence they fell, number 4 is Johann Bauer, a Sattler who died 5 June 1915 near Verdun.  Number 6 is Josef Bayerl, Maurer, who died 10 Aug 1915 in Russland (Russia).

Here is the military record for older brother Max who survived the war.  As you can see, the military annotations are dense.  I will provide the detailed image for someone who wants to tackle these.

The details are consistent with what is available in the church record with one notable exception.  The maiden name of the brother's mother is given as Gaugl. Max's parents are Taglöhners. In the church record it appears to be  I do not know how to resolve this yet.  Note too that Baÿerl is written with the umlaut.  Max's wife is Johanna Fischer and there are an ever-increasing number of children.

I was able to meet with a grandson of Max Bayerl living near Augsburg, although not near Affing.  He was the son of Max's Josef born 1918, and probably named for his uncle.  I visited Johann's grave seen here.  Again I wish I had started this search 20 years ago.  I could have spoken with these people.

Following is one of the records and details for brother Johann.

Johann is single and a Sattler.  A list of engagements in which his company participated is also given.

Finally, here are the records for brother Josef.  He is also a Maurer (bricklayer- stonemason) and single.  His parents are Hauslers, or cottagers.  The red line is labeled Streichung unigültig or cancellation- void.  Affing is in the district of the larger town of Aichach.


Peter Hasselbacher, 14 Nov 2009