Baÿerl Family Graves

I have not found many of these.  Here is what I have.  If you know of others, please let me know.

This first is that of my Great-Grandparents in Nürnberg.  The photo was taken in the 1950s.  Alas, the lease on the gravesite was allowed to expire and it is no more.  I have wondered what happened to the stone.  One of my grandmother's sisters married a Köhler.

This grave is in southern Bavaria near Augsburg.  Josef Bayerl was from Affing.  As I have not yet asked permission from his living son to reveal his identity, I will not identify the location.  As a measure of our relationship, Josef is my 4th Cousin- One time removed.

I do not know who these folks are.  The grave is in Aindling, a town near Affing.  The spelling is one of the possible variants of Bayerl.  Perhaps one of these days I will be able to make a connection.

Here  is the oldest Bayerl marker I have found.  It is inset into a wall of the churchyard at Todtenweis.

I ran into Dominicus's name early on in my research in this region.  He was an early inhabitant of Todtenweis and in house number 15 lived across the street from the Helfers.  Recall that my GGG Grandmother Creszenz Helfer married Leonhard Bayerl in 1821 and moved to Affing.  I have always wondered if there is a relationship.  If there is, it is back a generation or two, perhaps to Gundelsdorf.  Believe it or not, the following says Dominicus Baÿrl.  Married 7 ?Feb 1809, born 2 March 1781.  His wife's name is Creszenz also.

Peter Hasselbacher, 14 Nov 2009