Feedback Needed!

Since this site was launched Jan 24, 2007 it has been viewed by over 1000 unique visitors for a total of almost 7000 page views. It is “findable” by Google and other search engines. I hope it has been informative for you. Nevertheless, I have not heard back from a single individual. Please take the time to contact me using the email link below or try the Blog page. I promise that I will not reuse the information or “spam you.” If you want confidentiality, use the email link. I will not make personal emails public.

+ How did you find us?
+ What were you looking for?
+ What was useful or should get higher priority?
+ What is not helpful?
+ What would you like to see?
+ How much individual information is appropriate, especially for living people?
+ Most of all, do you have knowledge of our families that I do not have?
+ Can you help with any of the puzzles that are presented?

Thank you,
Peter Hasselbacher
March 3, 2007

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