Hazelbakers in the Civil War: Pension Files

Over the weekend I visited the National Archive in Washington DC. I copied a huge number of records for 8 of the 11 Hazelbakers who filed for a disability or survivor’s pension. These files are a gold mine of Hazelbaker information. The applicant had to prove by record or affidavit that they were who they said they were, lived where they claimed, were married and had the children they claimed. There are detailed medical records and information about their service in the war. The actual signatures of family members are present. There is more than I can handle. If one of these men is your ancestor, contact me. I have a feeling I am going to want to offer what I have in exchange for someone analyzing the information for the rest of us. At the very least, I am offering a trade! Please note that the files are huge (5 MG each) and will require some basic knowledge about manipulating computer images.

There were no Hasselbacher names in the Pension File Index. There is a Haselbacher (with one ‘s’) from Michigan, but I was not able to review his file in the time available.

Peter Oct 14, 2009

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