As introduced elsewhere, I wanted to find as many places as possible named Hasselbach or Haselbach in Germany and Austria.  I am still looking for a good source for Austria, but I found a good one for Germany.

These screen-captures from are the results of on-line searches of Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire, 1912.  There is a wealth of information to be mined from this resource but it is partially hidden behind dense German abbreviations and Fraktur typeface.  It is a task far from impossible, but will take more time than I have at present.  For now, here are the returns of the searches.

A Dorf is a village, a Weiler is a hamlet, a Haus is a house, and a HaĆ¼sergruppe is a group of houses.


I prepared a pdf document of the pages containing the names above.  If someone wants to take on the task and help us, they are willing to try. The document is large.  (pdf  27MB) 

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