Lang Family of Burghaslach

Extracts from Church Records

Cousin Dieter of Germany, who is a descendant of Georg Lang, provided some information about the family that was extracted from the Burghaslach churchbooks some time ago. I have placed it below and in the interactive family tree of this site.

I. Helene Barbara Lang, born 30-04-1726 in Burghaslach
Father: Georg Lang, the so called "neue Müller" (=new miller)
Mother: Barbara, widowed Dölfel from Altershausen near Münchsteinach
Godparent: Helena Röder from Freihaslach
" Maria Elisabetha, born 25-0-1721 (probably died as a baby, because a later sister was given the same name.)
" Maria Elisabetha, born 11-12-1722
" Anna Margaretha, born 28-08-1728
" Anna Maria, born 22-01-1730
" Maria Dorothea, born 25-07-1732
" Maria Magdalena, born 25-06-1738

Obviously, only girls in the house of the neuen Müller

II. Georg Lang, born 21-01-1694 in Burghaslach;
Married 16-04-1720 with the widow of the miller Valentin Dölfel from Altershausen near Münchsteinach
Father: Johannes (Hans) Lang; miller on the new mill
Mother: Helena Maria, a born Rössner from Burghaslach
Brothers and Sisters: because of at least two other families also called Lang in Burghaslach, and the fact that the relationship between them is not defined clearly in the church's books, you cannot give any reliable information about the number or the sex of the brothers and sisters of Georg Lang.

III. Hans Lang:
He obviously comes from Kleinweisach, a small village near Altershausen

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