Wolff Hasselbacher of Gresten and Franconia. 1603-1674
I Name
Wolff Hasselbacher is my ninth great-grandfather.
I assume his given name was Wolfgang, but I have not seen it spelled that way in the few original records we have. Modern historians spell it with two 'f's.  Images of most of the German church records are available on this website.  The records from Gresten are here.  Transcriptions of most of the German records relating to Wolff are here.  Actual images of the German records are here.
II Birth
He was born– most likely in Gresten, Austria– in December, 1603. I have no knowledge of a birth record and assume the date was calculated from his age of 70 years and four months at his death on April 26, 1674. The reference book of the Exulanten gives the place of his birth as Holzapfel in Schaderamt (Austria) but I do not know the source of this information.
III Exulant
The Exulanten sourcebooks state he came to Germany in 1658. Wolf would have been 55 years old. He came with his Austrian wife, Kunigunda and two children.
IV Wives
Wolf married his first known wife, Kunigunda, in Gresten, Austria. I am not aware of a marriage record. One estimate gives the year before 1633. The couple had four known children, two of which (Thomas and Johannes) live to adulthood and also immigrate to Germany. Kunigunda dies in 1669 at the age of 62. Wolf was 66.
Two years later, in 1671 at the age of 68, Wolff marries my ninth great-grandmother Agatha Vogelsberger, a widow of Oberrossbach. Agatha was herself an Exulantin in 1658. By 1665, she was living in Oberrossbach with her first husband Jacob Vogel. Agatha was 37 years old when she married Wolff. One year later she gave birth to my eighth great-grandfather, Paulus, in Oberrossbach. Two years after the death of Wolff, Agatha marries Sebastian Reingruber who was 26 years old and who became Paulus's stepfather.

V Where he lived.
Gresten, Austria.
Wolf lived in four of the farms of Gresten that are discussed elsewhere. The names are taken from birth and death records of Wolf and Kunigunda's children in the Gresten church books. They are as follows:
March 1636: Khobathsheen
Oct 1636: Gabeßlehen
1639: Kabatßlehen
1641: Grossing
1644: Sonnleiten
The Aischgrund
It is not entirely clear to me where Wolf and Kunigunda first settled in Germany. The first record available states they were communicants in Altheim 28 Sep 1660.  Altheim is adjacent to Dottenheim and only a few kilometers from Unterschweinach and Oberrossbach. (I made a map of the area with arrows and dates.)  It may be that they actually lived there, or just went to a church service there. Shortly thereafter however, they were clearly settled in Unterschweinach which is where Kunigunda died in 1669. It was only at the time of his marriage to Agatha in 1670 that Wolff is described as from Oberrossbach where his last child is born, and were Wolf dies. It is possible to speculate that Wolff joined Agatha at the home of her former husband.

Wolff lives in Germany for 14 years, and in Oberrossbach for only the last two.
VI Occupation
In Austria
His father, Steffan, was said to be a farmer in Gresten, and died there in 1641. It is likely that Wolff was also a farmer in Gresten. However, in 1641 and 1644, Wolf is called a Herberger which I understand translates as innkeeper. Certainly the area of Gresten was much involved provisioning the iron industry in the neighboring mountains. I have no knowledge, and very much doubt that the Hasselbachers "owned" any land in Gresten. I have little concept of what "ownership" meant for our ancestors who were essentially peasants in another's kingdoms.
In Germany
In my present review of available materials from Germany, I was surprised to note that no occupation is listed for Wolff. That is not usual. I will pay greater attention as I work my way through additional materials.
VII Death
Wolf died on April 26, 1674 at the age of 70 years and four months and is buried in Dottenheim. There appears to be some ambiguity in the record about the place of death. The funeral record in the church book at Dottenheim states the place of death as Oberschweinach. This would appear to be a clerical error as Wolff had been living in Oberrossbach since his 1671 marriage to Agatha and lived there when his son was born in 1672. Wolf died two years after Paulus was born, the couple's only child. Those who have examined these church books most carefully are in agreement that an error is likely. In any event, Oberrossbach, Oberschweinach, and Unterschweinach are all within a short walk of each other.
VIII Things to do.
Look more carefully at the spelling of his name in original records.
Look at available records to see if an occupation in Germany can be found.
Learn more about Unterschewinach.