Peter Hasselbacher's Other Families



My mother's maternal Grandfather was Charles Edward Ecker.  His father, who I learned was named William, was born in Würtemberg, Germany.  Until a few months ago, I knew almost nothing about this branch of the family.  I subsequently learned a great deal. The exploration gave me my first chance to use the Church of Latter-Day Saints microfilmed records of the church in Unterreichenbach, and the Civil War archives of the National Archives in Washington, DC.  Both sources were quite spectacular.  I was impressed again how tiny little clues can open wide doors of knowledge. A list of newly added materials can be seen here.

[In April 2008, I visited Unterreichenbach and Hallwangen. I have many photos and other historical information. I identified the old mill where the Eckers lived. It will take a while to intrpret and add it all. Let me know if you are interested so I can adjust other site priorities.]




My mother's paternal Grandparents were Johann Gustav Insel and Alvina Clara Roemhild. I saw my first photograph of them 5 years ago and did not know their names. I found out a good bit more, and rediscovered some wonderful cousins who did not know I existed. Nonetheless, there is a good bit yet more to find, including being able to make the jump across to Germany. (No surprise there: as it happens, all but one of my 16 Great-Great Grandparents were born in Germany. I am frankly amazed that I was able to find them all. My one Irish ancestor may be the hardest to trace.) On my recent road trip East, I was able to find some new documents and leads. It is time to try to put it all together better and see where it leads. I have most of the basic names and information in the family tree parts of this site, and on Start with this list of newly added materials. 3/25/2008


Bayrl (Bayerl, Baÿerl, Baÿrl), Brüstle, Engelhard of Dinkelsbühl and Affing.

My paternal grandmother was born a Bayrl. Until recently I knew next to nothing about the family which came to Nürnberg around 1890, the same time as my Hasselbacher family. I learned that Great Grandfather Xaver Bayrl was born in Dinkelsbühl, and his father in Affing. I will begin to place materials on the site. We can begin here with an overview of what I know about the older history. A separate and continuing analysis of the spelling of their name is also provided.  I will maintain an index of newly added material here.