The Hasselbachers of Münchsteinach, 1718-1859: Document Locator

This family tree graphic serves as a index to locate original documents and discussion relevant to the Hasselbachers who lived in the village of Münchsteinach, Mittelfranken, Germany. The individual boxes are links to the pages for that particular person. Your cursor should change as you hover over a box with an active link.  It will take me a while to prepare and upload everything that I have, so keep coming back, or better yet, let me know who you are particularly interested in and I will give them priority. I will start with the married couples, older first.

For the uninitiated (as I was 7 years ago) some of these documents will be impenetrable. For many, I have an excellent translation by others, but for some you will have to accept the best I can do, hoping that some else will come to our rescue.  I will not wait until I have a translation to upload items.  Frankly, just looking at the original documents and being able to recognize the name of an ancestor is a moving experience, at least it has been for me. I hope you enjoy these.


Peter Hasselbacher born 1759

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