More clues about meanings and origins of our name?


In October, 2006, during an early trip to Germany, I drank the best beer I have ever tasted. The beer by itself would have held its own, but the setting was incomparable. I was sitting in Gaißinger's Gasthof Schlossbräu which was immediately adjacent to the brewery. The name of the village was Haselbach, and the name of the brewery and the beer was Haselbacher.  The proprietor and myself were both tickled by the nomenclature of the occasion. Returning to the inn to spend some time is on my list of things to before I die.



In 2006 I had not yet visited Austria and was still grappling with the origins of our name. I was driving through Haselbach and did not have much time to explore. Additionally, I lacked even the the poor German language skills I have now. Nonetheless, I discovered a few things of interest that fit into an emerging pattern of Haselbach places.


The village of Haselbach is in southern Bavaria near the Donau some 13 km north of Passau. (See photo gallery.)    I also found a Haselbach Mühle, and by amazing coincidence, a Petermühl.  In the nearby area were other locations with a prefix of 'Hasel.' I have a feeling, that at my next visit, or if I can find a good map, I will discover that there is a Haselbach flowing through the area!  I also need to find out if Haselbacher Beer is still being brewed. (It was purchased by Lowenbrau of Passau.)

I have already discussed how we got our name in Gresten, Austria on the banks of the Haselbach and its Haselgraben.  I recently learned of the Village of Haselbach, not that far from Gresten with its own Haselbach and Haselgraben.  These parallel examples give additional credence to the virtual certainty that our name has a geographic basis.

With regard to the meaning (as apposed to the origin) of the my name "Haselbacher or Hasselbacher," I discuss elsewhere the evidence that makes me very confident of a correct answer.

[Addendum Oct 2010

I have not yet been able to make personal contact in Haselbach to help me with my geography.  Earlier this month however, I purchased an old map of Passau in Nürnberg.  Although a date of 1936 was handwritten on the cover, I learned that the "Special Karte v. Bayern" published by Casp. Gust. Wenng in Munich, was published in 1850.  I do not doubt it.

The map excited me because in addition to identifying the villages of Haselbach and Ober-Haselbach, it identifies the stream that runs through them:  "Hasel B," or Haselbach.

I am forced to the conclusion that the set of circumstances that existed in Gresten, Austria that gave us Hasselbachers our name is very likely to have existed elsewhere in German-speaking countries.  Perhaps someday we will find a Haselbacher family line that will prove the point.]

Hazelbaker Beer


Because the Hazelbakers are full-blooded Hasselbachers, they are entitled to share in my gustatory delight. These cousins will be glad to know that I am closing in on finding their own Hazelbaker beer! I found this mousepad on eBay. As I brew this piece on my own computer, I use the Hazelbaker Beer mousepad.