This painting hung in the home of my Grandparents Hasselbacher (photo below) for as long as I could remember– or so it seemed. It is a landscape of Nürnberg before the destruction of the Second World War.  It is signed and dated by the artist, "A. Wild 1937."  Following the death of my Grandfather Conrad in 1975, it hung in the house of my parents. 

I never really thought much about its provenance until I found it in an old family photo from Germany.  One can see it in the apartment of my Great Grandmother Bayerl in Nürnberg. Sybilla Barbara is with my Grandmother Lena (Bayerl) Hasselbacher.  After the War, Lena was first able to visit her mother in the early 1950s and died in 1964. Somehow the painting made it back to America in the early- to mid 50s.  It is in a different frame now, but the frame above appears the same as when it was in Germany.

I was able to come close to the vantage point of the painter and will post a modern photograph with some labels.  Until then, If anyone can tell me anything about the artist, please contact me. Can anyone guess the vantage point?

Addendum 17 Nov 2009:  I was able to revisit this issue and believe I have come closer to answering both questions above.