Map of Emskirchen area. Gunzendorf is just to the northeast. The Illinois Hasselbachers came through this area.
Cross a little river to get to the church square. St Kilians Evanelish.
It was the week after Easter. Everything looked nice. You can see some monuments in the front yard.
Church was being prepared for a confirmation service.
My favorite saints.
It took me a while to realize what I was looking at. It is common in the area to have war memorials in the churches or associated town squares. This was a World War One memorial. As I circled it taking my photos, I was stopped in my tracks to see that Wilhelm Hasselbacher had fallen in the second month of the war.
I had one grandfather in the Army of each side in this war.
Can anyone tell us more about Wilhelm?
This was even more of a stunner. It is a memorial to the fallen of the Franko-Prussian War of 1870.
My Great-Grandfather Johann was in the cavalry right after this war. He was too young to serve.
Georg Hasselbacher falls in Clermont in 1870. Can we find him in the family?
There was a WWII memorial but no Hasselbachers were listed.
House on the square across the street.
Old dates abound. 1734 here. I am unaware if we were there already.
Just down the street was a little chapel serving a cemetery. I recognized many names, but there were no Hasselbachers.
1401. Can that be true? (Was on the little chapel.)