When I was in Germany last summer, I visited the castle in Affing.   (There is still a Baron in Affing. I hope I get to meet him someday.) There was a wonderful old map on the wall that I photographed as best I could. The section below includes the ancestral homeland of my branch of the Baÿerl family. Specifically this includes the villages of Frecholzhausen, Haunswies, Edenried, and Affing . The Bayerl men married women from Gallenbach at the lower right, and from Todtenweis above and out of the frame.

Today there are  substantial churches in Affing, Haunsweis, and Edenried. There is a small chapel today in Frecholzhausen.  I do not have a feeling for what structures might have been in place in the late 16 and early 1700s. It is not clear to me at the turn of the 17th century where a family living in that area would have gone for baptisms, marriages, or funerals. It is conceivable to me that Michael Baÿerl and his wife Elisabeth may have lived in the same place and yet be entered in the church books of both Haunswies and Edenried.

It also appears that Frecholzhausen is outside some political boundry that contains Edenried and Haunswies.  I wonder if church records for Michael and Elisabeth might be found there! (The earliest Bayerl reference in the Haunsweis churchbook states that the couple were from Frecholzhausen.)