Video of Oberrossbach, Germany

In April, 2007, I stayed in Oberrossbach for a few days. Here is a short video to give a flavor of what the village is like.

This is the first video I have placed on this site. I need some feedback to help me chose the best format. I prepared the same 6 min segment in three formats (Quicktime, MPG-1, and MPG-4) and in different qualities. Some internet browsers may not be able to play one or more of the formats, or the connection speed may not be able to support some of the larger files. In general, the larger the file, the better the quality, but a faster internet connection will be needed.

I prefer using Quicktime format, but some browsers will require the the free Quicktime Player Plug-in. That can be obtained for your browser here. Refer to the clip numbers below. Tell me what system and browser you are using, whether you can view any or all of the three different formats, and what quality you prefer. I can put higher quality and larger images up if you can handle these easily.

Clip 1

Oberrossbach: Quicktime; Lower

(13.3 MB)

Clip 2

Oberrossbach: Quicktime; Better

(24.2 MB)

Clip 3

Oberrossbach: MPG-1; Very High

(93.0 MB)

Clip 4

Oberrossbach: MPG-1; Low

(28.7 MB)

Clip 5

Oberrossbach: MPG-4; 368 kbps

(20.0 KB)

Clip 6

Oberrossbach: MPG-4; 1000 kbps

(49.1 KB)


Clip 7

Oberrosbach: Quicktime; High and larger frame. Is it worth it?

(34.3 MB)


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