A few months after I wrote a little piece about the meaning of our name, I stumbled upon and was able to acquire this "Schützenscheibe."   It depicts a wild boar. While not negating my reasoned discussion referred to above, I take great satisfaction that there may have been some subliminal insight in my initial speculation that we are a family of hunters, not gatherers: Jäger, nicht Sammler!

A Schützenscheibe is a target disk. The rings around the heart are visible. Some of these are actually used, but this hand-painted one is likely ceremonial. I understand that is comes from the district of Haselbach near the town of Hintersdorf 30 km west of Vienna. I think "Vivat" (?Latin) signifies "To Life!" I cannot find "Jägerrunde" in a dictionary, but I interpret it as a hunting club.     I am informed that the initials "K. P." are for Karl Pucher who was probably involved in this activity of 9 Dec 1982. I do not know the significance of the initials R.D., nor of the oak leaves. There is an active market for Schützenseheiben" on the internet. If anyone sees this who can help, I would appreciate a message.

I hope to visit this Haselbach on my next trip to Austria.


[Addendum, Feb 8, 2013

I was able to learn a little more. This Schützenscheiibe was indeed presented to Karl Pucher on his 60th birthday. Like his father before him, Karl was a forest warden or forester and avid hunter.  He also maintained a private hunting ground in the nearby Vienna Woods. He and like-minded outdoorsmen were members of the Haselbacher Hunting Club that met regularly and for any other reason at the Haselbacherhof restaurent and inn. Karl died in 2009. The Haselbacherhof may beclosing soon. I am very pleased to keep the Schützenscheibe his memory.

I have learned that Haselbach is a place as much as a village, and part of the town of Hinterhof and the larger administrative town Andrä Wördern.  It takes its name from the stretch of water flowing through it.  In the past, the main source of income of its residents was forest and farming industry. It is so close to Vienna, that it has become more like a bedroom community with new and second houses.  It is still a desirable place to live.

As I look at a Google map, I find two villages within a few 10s of kilometers also named Haselbach. So many Haselbachs to visit, so little time!]